Autumn Love


Sometimes I wish autumn would last forever. Emily Brontë said it best, "Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree." I dream of a world where we pick apples with the grandchildren every weekend. The smell of wood fires floats in the breeze. And the air is calm and crisp.

I love the flurry of domestic work that fall brings. The garden is harvested and put to bed. A stew simmers slowly in the crock pot. I arranged a collection of pumpkins and squash by the front door. Later today, I will drive into town to buy some ribbon to tie the corn stalks that will welcome visitors.

Tonight, I will write letters to dear friends, to summer friends who have gone south for the winter, and to kids off at school. I know they would prefer that I email, but I want them to learn the joy of receiving a piece of mail in their box. You can't feel or smell an email. Maybe I will leave my stack of cards on the shelf in the kitchen so they can collect the smell of stew cooking and think of me. Is that too much? Perhaps.

I wish you the best Fall. May your apples be crisp, your pies be delicious, and may you find bliss in every leaf....until next time.



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