Fruits & Vegetables


Nothing connects us more than the food we eat. Think about it. Meals gather the family at the table. Grocery shopping is an opportunity to run into friends and acquaintances. A trip to the farmer’s market lets us meet the people who work the land to grow our food.

And food brings so much color into our lives. Asparagus in Spring are often early shoots of green. What joy there is in the glistening yellow of lemons, the earthy oranges of carrots; the myriad of reds found in tomatoes and cherries. Beans and pears offer us a parade of soft greens. How would we even know about deep purple if it weren’t for eggplants and plums?

Fruits and vegetables are a feast for the eyes. Kasini House Cards is pleased to offer these thematic packs of assorted greeting cards from Studio C. Each pack contains ten large greeting cards, two of each title. Studio C greeting cards are 4.25”x6.25” and are printed on heavyweight matte paper. And if a single title is of particular interest, those are available, too.

I hope you and your family are having a wonderful Summer.

May your company be as delicious as the food you eat.


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