Happy Thanksgiving


I was visiting my new neighbor, Carol, the other day and all of a sudden she jumped out of her chair. "I'm sorry," she said in a panic, "I must do this right now."

I don't know Carol very well. She and her husband bought the house next to mine earlier this summer and we've only had a few opportunities to visit.To be honest, I haven't quite figured her out. She speaks like a dragonfly and flitters from topic to topic as if each one doesn't have what she is looking for. I sat with patient curiosity until she returned.

"I almost forgot to order my turkey," said Carol when she returned to the kitchen table. I was almost finished with my coffee and was getting ready to leave. She continues, "Every year we order a pecan smoked turkey from Texas. It's the best. They fly it right up all cooked and everything." I pondered and smiled a little at the thought of a turkey flying more smoked and roasted than it ever did alive. What a world we live in.

On the walk back to the house, I thought about how in some ways we are more connected than ever. Just a few clicks and you can have a turkey from Texas on its way to you. I get my turkey from a farmer in town. I call him every Halloween to place my order and then I'll drive over there a week before Thanksgiving. It's the one time of year we catch up. In spite of how connected we are, it can be hard to stay in touch with everybody.

That is why I love sending Christmas cards to people. It's that one time a year when I get to sit with my address book and think of all the people I know, all the people who bring me joy in my life, and reach out and touch them.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner so remember to order your Christmas cards soon!

Until next time, may your turkey be juicy, your cranberries sweet, and the whipped cream generously heaped on your pumpkin pie. I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

All the best,


A selection of Christmas Cards from Kasini House