On the Farm


Farms are wonderful places. Crisp dew in the early morning, the chickens clucking as the sun rises. The cows shuffling in the barn waiting for their morning milking. The cat making his way home from a night of hunting in the field. The solitude of farm life has its ups and downs. While the quiet has a special kind of stillness, it can be lonely. It's nice to hear from friends. That's not unique to farm life. No matter where you live, it's always nice to hear from those far away.

Kasini House Cards is pleased to offer “On the Farm”, a collection of greeting cards from Studio C inspired by farm life. A cat sits in the tall grass. A horned bull grazes in a pasture. Sheep huddle together for warmth and security. And, my favorite, chickens. Each pack contains ten large greeting cards, two of each title. Studio C greeting cards are 4.25”x6.25” and are printed on heavyweight matte paper. And if a single title is of particular interest, those are available, too.

We can’t all live in the country, but we can surely appreciate it. I hope you and your family are have a serene Fall. May all your apples be ripe, all your pumpkins firm, and all your chickens make it home at night.




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