Sending Holiday Greetings Is So Much More...


I wrote earlier about how much I love to send Christmas cards to people and that got me thinking about how this tradition of sending and receiving cards is so much more than an opportunity to connect with people far away.

When I was a child, my grandmother would gather us up and sit us down at the dining room table. The younger kids would get to draw and sometimes she would send these along with the cards. The older kids would help her write cards and address envelopes and put stamps on them. My grandmother would regale us with stories about who the person was or why she was writing to them. Sometimes she would share a little gossip about the person, but we often had no idea who she was talking about so it didn't matter to us. It was just nice to hear her stories.

This was something I do with my grandchildren. It's a wonderful way to keep the kids distracted while their parents are off helping Santa with his seasonal chores. In those years when the kids are busy or off elsewhere, I like to put on some holiday music, pour myself a glass of mulled wine, get comfortable and spend a few evenings writing messages to people. I am not so stuck in my ways that I believe in tradition for the sake of tradition. But when I find a tradition that keeps us together, one that allows me to show that I care about others, I try to hold onto those and share them with my family.

If sending Christmas cards is new to you, I've put a list of tips on the website.

Until next time, may your ink run clear, may you have an ample supply of stamps, and may just the right thing to say be on the tip of your tongue.


A selection of Christmas Cards from Kasini House