The Passion of Purple


If I may be so bold, there is just something wrong with you if you don't like the color purple. It's regal and joyous. I love to see it in the garden. It's the color of one of my favorite scarves. And it's wonderful when one of my friends comes to book club with streaks of purple in her hair. (I could never be so brave.) The color is long associated with royalty, magic, mystery, and piety...all good things, I think. I suppose purple is most connected with passion, a complicated emotion. When carried away, passion can take us down paths we probably shouldn't travel. But put to good use, passion can allow us to work longer and love harder.

People have a lot of passion these days and that's not always a good thing. I don't know if it's healthy to be as passionate about our opinions as we are. That is, after all, the difficulty with passions. Tempered by a good nature and strong values, they lead us to do beautiful things that make the world a better place. Enflamed, our passions can consume us. Interestingly, the leaves of some plants are purple because, scientists believe, that it protects them from getting too much sun. Purple reminds us to temper our passions, to keep them regal.

Kasini House Cards is pleased to offer a Purple Collection from Studio C. Each pack includes crocus, grape hyacinth, scilla, violets, and pansies....all beautiful exemplars of purple in nature. Studio C greeting cards are 4.25”x6.25” and are printed on heavyweight matte paper. And if a single title is of particular interest, those are available, too.

I must get back to reading because the ladies from book club are coming over tomorrow. May your passions be as harmonious as the color. And may you be brave enough to wear streaks of purple in your hair.

Sincerely, Betty

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