The Tenacity of Spring Flowers


Another snowstorm! Wet snow weighs heavy on the ash tree across the road. I'm not even going to bother to shovel. Instead, I will stay inside and drink hot tea and wait for warmer winds to melt it all away. I will sit and think of spring.

I love the tenacity of spring flowers. I love the idea of herbaceous bulbous perennials underneath the snow, waiting, pining. The Snowdrops, a simple and delicate flower, inspire us, perhaps because we are so excited to see signs of life after a long winter. Shakespeare wrote of making garlands of fritillaria and the rougy buds were staples of Dutch and Italian flower painting. And pansies are the happiest little flowers. I can't wait to see them for sale in the hardware store.

Kasini House Cards is pleased to offer a Spring Mix Collection from Studio C. Each pack contains ten large greeting cards, two of each title, including single Snowdrop, a bunch of Snowdrops, Fritillaria, Purple Pansies, and a Spring Mix of Lupines and Lily of the Valley. Studio C greeting cards are 4.25”x6.25” and are printed on heavyweight matte paper. And if a single title is of particular interest, those are available, too. They are the perfect card to convey a sense of hope and comfort as we wait for the real thing.

My tea waits. Maybe a bird will appear once the snow stops. May Spring come quick and your season of renewal be as tenacious as the flowers.



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